# Liz Helman

four questions | located sound

(photo by Yvetta Sedlakova)

Liz Helman is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in time-based media.

She is London based, self-taught and with no formal training as a composer. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Liz has always had an interest in ambient music and sound art as a form of expression. Her work, both visual and sonic, is a response to place and environment. Sensitive to how these energies make her feel, she is interested in the subliminal and sonic exploration of these experiences. By walking the streets, and experiencing different levels of sounds, she begins her process with field recordings, making immersive and mesmerising drone based compositions that explore layers of sound and texture.  She very much likes working organically, following the thread of the sound to its ultimate destination, which she likes to think of as sonic alchemy.


JrF: when & why did you become interested in located sound ?

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