Daylight Dreaming by Liz Helman


From the top of Interzone there is an instant sublime rush of rippling static and vibration. Liz Helman‘s Daylight Dreaming  on Montreal-based K o h l e n s t o f f Records is off-running. In her second release London time-based artist Helman incorporates what sounds to be rainy day field recordings with an ear for broad-based atmosphere. As Labyrinth buzzes with exotic drone, minimal percussive elements are added gradually. An unstructured glow is cast, and if played with some volume, especially if you have surround or some form of quadraphonic listening abilities, you will be in the center of a burgeoning sweet swirling storm swell.


The bass patter on Daylight Dreaming with a sizzling sound effect lures you deep into a bubbling brook with birds echoing sharply. The balance between nature and the shrill squelch of industry paints a new picture of discordant nature and the…

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