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untitled one


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I hate the Winter, and I hate January. Hate is a strong word. I hate strong words. I hate waking up in the dark, when I cannot see; only the Darkness outside. So you see, I set myself a project – a reason to get out of bed, apart from going to work three days a week. Which is when I awake in the Darkness. Three times a week; on the days of Monday; Tuesday and Wednesdays. So. Until the 31st of March 2013, I will take a photograph; date it; note the sunrise time, and make a comment. That way I will get through January. [2013]



ongoing projects


project6x4 grapples with analog/digital by photographing old 6×4’s on an Instagram and changing them into a nostalgic record, while at the same time exploring the merits of film, shooting expired colour neg, in the section on the blog called From a ‘real camera’. This is particularly meaningful for me since I have not shot on colour negative for many years.