Gardner Helman Salnikov, a new collaboration which will go forward in 2019


2H is now up on SoundCloud. This is my project with Steph Horak. Give it a listen, it’s good! Then book us!

My new collaboration HUMANCY, with Andrzej Sobolewski to be released June 28 2016

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LHDH took a small stand against property developers wishing to redevelop the George Tavern, a well known music venue by making a site specific piece, as part of eXperimental electronics, 30 April 2015

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LHDH presented a live site-specific sound work for the launch of Chinese Open 2015, Q-Park Chinatown, London, Sunday at 3-4pm, 22 Febuary 2015.

Using field recordings, sourced and edited from the immediate area, they offered a sonic response to the car park itself and its surroundings.



pictures Marco Puig

LHDH is an ongoing collaborative sound project by artists, Liz Helman and Doug Haywood. Together, LHDH explore the possibilities of sounds processed through manipulation and adjustment, resulting in compositions that are then exchanged and reworked to conclude as new works.

Hear them here:


As a site-specific response to Southgate Studios, LHDH presented a live mixed set incorporating existing material and sounds acquired from the location on November 6, 2014